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Need more from your healthcare marketing strategy? 

I can help

With almost 20 years' experience in healthcare across almost every major therapeutic category and a variety of audiences, I specialize in helping clients:

  • Create highly effective, customer-centric brand marketing and business strategies  

  • Develop innovative customer experiences that drive behavioral change and improve outcomes

  • Learn about effective implementation of new technology into customer journeys

  • Establish collaborative processes between MLR and Marketing to increase brand program effectiveness and speed-to-market




I work directly with clients in the healthcare, pharma, biotech, and med device industries from the smallest start-ups to Fortune 100 companies. Sample engagement types are below, but I can structure an engagement that is right for you.


  • Pre-clinical patient marketing analysis

  • Patient Research

  • Patient Journey Development

  • Brand Planning

  • Brand Strategy Development

  • Brand Positioning Development

  • Patient Marketing Strategy

  • Patient Marketing Tactical Planning

  • Marketing program optimization

  • Marketing infrastructure planning

  • MLR/Marketing Collaborative Process Development

  • MLR & Brand Team Education 


The alchemy of what I bring to your brand fuses my background in strategic and digital marketing, business management, my deep knowledge of the healthcare space, my creativity, and my passionate focus on the patient to generate innovative solutions that not only drive your business results but, more importantly, help people live healthier lives.

As a client, you can benefit from my nearly 20 years in the pharmaceutical/healthcare space on both the client and agency sides, developing novel, highly-effective brand and business strategies for over 30 brands across 20+ therapeutic categories. I'm continually learning from the brands and scanning the horizon to determine what trends, challenges, and opportunities need to be considered going forward. 


With an MBA and experience in VC funding, business planning, and business management, I am solidly anchored in business outcomes. And my BA in Sociology and continued study of human behavior ensures the best possible customer experience. I will geek out on the science of your drug or device, the patients whom you treat, and quickly build strong relationships with your team, Drawing on my personal orientation as a creative, I will help you challenge internal and external assumptions to ensure that we can co-create the most effective marketing and customer experiences that yield optimal patient outcomes. 



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